Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with Pearl


Trollbead Fantasy Silver Necklace with White Pearl

Sterling Silver and White Pearl

Can be worn alone or with Trollbeads!

The pearl in this fabulous Trollbeads fantasy necklace with pearl is so beautiful and very flattering when worn.  It creates a wealth of possibilities and the way you wear it is only limited to your imagination.

Your chosen beads can easily be slipped on the Trollbeads necklace chain, every morning in seconds you could quickly and easily select different beads to match your outfit.  They are incredibly tactile too.  

A choice of lengths is available in 10 cm increments from 60cm to 120cm. 

  • Item No: 54060-54120 or TAGFA-000XX
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Cultured Freshwater Pearl
  • Weight:* 7.89 g - 14.92 g (depending on the length)
  • Designer: Lise Aagaard

*All measurements are approximate