Sphere of Life February Birthstone Pendant


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Silver Necklace with February Birthstone

Silver Sphere Pendant with Amethyst ball
With "February - Amethyst" gift tag
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A February birthstone pendant with Amethyst.  These delightful Sphere of Life birthstone pendants from the cute twist collection are ideal gifts for a birthday. Each sterling silver pendant contains a ball-shaped birthstone of that particular month encased in an openwork sterling silver twisted sphere in which they freely move around. They are available for all the other birthstones.

Sphere of Life is a perfect gift purchase as it comes with such amazing packaging, including an organza bag and a silver sphere in which the pendant lays.  This then sits inside a pop-up box and is tied with a ribbon and placed inside a tote gift bag.  As if that were not enough, a gift tag comes with each pendant with a meaning on one side and space to write your own message on the other.  This gift tag reads, "February - Amethyst". An easy, hassle-free birthday gift which looks stunning!

Materials:  925 Sterling silver; Amethyst

Dimensions*: 10.5cm Sphere; 40-45cm Chain

*All measurements are approximate