Something Blue

Something Blue


Blue Jewellery that's Perfect for Your Wedding

As it's the wedding season and brides are often looking for a piece of blue jewellery to wear on the day we thought we'd share an article highlighting some beautiful blue jewellery that is perfect for a wedding.

The "Something Blue ..." Wedding Tradition

According to a 19th-century Lancashire poem, there are a number of items a bride should carry on her wedding day:

"something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and a sixpence in your shoe".

Something old was believed to represent being tied to the past traditions.

Something new indicated optimism and hope for the future.

Something borrowed was meant to be from a happily married friend or relative and brought good luck and was a good omen to bring to the union. 

Something blue was believed to ward off the evil eye as well as stand for purity, fidelity and love.

The sixpence signifies wealth and abundance. Traditionally the father of the bride would slip a sixpence into the heel of his daughter's shoe just before the ceremony. Whilst a sixpence is now "old currency" - equivalent to 2 1/2 p in today's money - it can be swapped for its rough equivalent or can still be found. Other countries also have this tradition.

Blue Jewellery

This stunning silver pendant features blue lace agate (each piece being unique) surrounded by rose gold that contains rare Welsh gold.  We also have some matching drop earrings.

Welsh gold has long had a tradition of being used in royal wedding rings so there is a strong connection with marriages.

silver and Welsh gold Capstones pendant

Clogau Capstones Pendant

Multi-Topaz Earrings 

Stunning white gold with multi-gemstone earrings in varying shades of blue are just perfect for a wedding day. From London Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz to Swiss Blue Topaz - eighteen different topaz in all. 

blue topaz multi gemstone earrings

White Gold Multi Blue Topaz Earrings

White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Earrings

With a timeless appeal, these white gold stud earrings feature a central, oval sapphire surrounded by a cluster of sparkling diamonds. These earrings will be treasured for a lifetime.

white gold sapphire and diamond oval cluster stud earrings

White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Oval Cluster Stud Earrings

Diamonfire Blue Solitaire Set

These beautiful pale blue solitaire stud earrings and pendant are so pretty. Elegant and unobstrusive, this set will only draw attention to your whole outfit and won't compete with your dress.

Every stone in the Diamonfire range is cut with 57 facets, just like a brilliant diamond, for unrivalled sparkle.

Diamonfire Blue Stud Earrings

Diamonfire Silver Blue Stud Earrings

 Diamonfire Blue Solitaire Pendant

Diamonfire Blue Solitaire Pendant 

Sapphire and Diamond Heart

Hearts are always popular but especially so for weddings, due to the obvious meaningful significance of the symbol. Pictures don't do this pendant justice as it looks simply stunning on.

gold sapphire and diamond heart pendant on chain

9ct Gold Sapphire & Diamond Heart Pendant

Gold Sapphire Open Heart Pendant

Gold Sapphire Open Heart Pendant

 Blue Topaz and Pearl

Something blue and pearls!  What more can a girl want on her wedding day. With sparkling white topaz it will tick all the boxes. 

 Silver & Welsh Gold Blue Topaz & Pearl Pendant

Clogau Superbloom Blue Topaz & Pearl Drop Pendant

 Opalite Necklace

Set with two different coloured opalite stones, this silver necklace has a fluid-like look and flowing lines. 

Silver Opalite Flowing Necklace

Silver Opalite Flowing Necklace

Tanzanite and Diamonds

Tanzanite is such an exquisite gemstone and this heart-shaped piece is no exception. Topped by a sparkling diamond and set in 18-ct white gold it is a treasured piece and looks stunning on. 

18ct White Gold Tanzanite Heart Pendant with Diamond

18ct White Gold Tanzanite Heart and Diamond Pendant


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