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Wedding Jewellery


The Perfect Jewellery for Your Big Day!

Choosing the perfect jewellery for your big day is no small feat. But it need not cause you added headaches in the lead up to the wedding. There are lots of classic, elegant pieces out there or you could go for some unique jewellery which will compliment your dress perfectly.

Wedding Jewellery - Things to Consider

The Neckline of Your Dress

Consider the necklace of your dress and try to chose a necklace which compliments it - a v-shaped neckline can suit a pendant or necklace which falls in the same lines or a higher, round necklace or choker will also work well. 

Strapless dresses can suit a round, higher necklace or even no necklace at all but instead a stunning bracelet or bangle.

lady with wedding dress and necklace

Your Hair

Wearing your hair up will show off your earrings so these can be delicate and will still be noticed. 

Wearing your hair down may require some more noticeable earrings and even drops can look great. 

Bride with hair up and elaborate earrings

The Colour of Your Dress

Not everyone wears white or ivory. If you do, pearls are always a winner. A pastel colour suits slightly lighter or darker shades in the jewellery.

Rich, deep colours in your outfit - such a red - can take more dramatic jewellery and this can often mean colourless dazzle. 

Your Personality

Are you a more natural, nature-led person - in which case jewellery featuring leaves and flowers may be perfect?

Bride with natural hair and pearls in hair

Or would you consider yourself more classically simple but elegant - this may mean single solitaire diamond, cubic zirconia or pearl jewellery.

Bride in classic pearl jewellery

For the ultra-feminine romantics out there a more elaborate, dazzling set of jewellery may be perfect. 

bride with romantic dazzling earrings

You may find that you can wear more "dramatic" pieces - by this we don't mean any less feminine - but you can carry something is little more unusual and head-turning.

Watching chamber pearl jewellery set

Try to put out of your mind what your much-admired and loved best friend wore and looked wonderful in, your personality may be different - go for what you know you really are, it will be perfect for you. 


The Options


pearl, silver and white topaz lily of the valley earrings

pearl, silver and white topaz lily of the valley pendant

Pearls, are the number one wedding jewellery and rightly so.  They suit all ages, all skin tones and go with almost any outfit.

Adapting pearls to your style may lead you to a timeless design such as a strand of pearls or a simple, single pearl pendant.

Or you can find delicate pearls with flowers and leaves, as well as more elaborate, striking pieces which will look fantastic on and still won't detract from your dress.


From a stunning solitaire to sprinkles of sparkle, you'll find something for all tastes with diamond jewellery.

white gold pearl and diamond leaves pendant
white gold pearl and diamond leaves stud earrings

Cubic Zirconia

With a little bit of sparkle which will add a pop of dazzle to your outfit to an amazing tennis necklace or bracelet, there is plenty of choice. 

wedding tennis necklace

Diamonfire shell pearl and cubic zirconia bracelet

Something Blue

Many ladies chose to go for "something blue" in their jewellery. It doesn't need to be dark blue (although it can be) but blue topaz is a lovely delicate shade of blue, as is aquamarine, which will tick the 'something blue' box nicely.

white gold multi coloured blue topaz stud earrings

To Sum Up

Whatever you chose for your day, try not to stress over it - you'll not even think about the indecision you had about your wedding jewellery when you look back at your wedding photographs.

Your day will be perfect in every way. Enjoy it. 


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