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What's So Special About Magnetic Bracelets?

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Magnetic bracelets should not be considered as a medical treatment or medical devices. This article is not healthcare advice and we urge you to talk to your healthcare provider before you decide whether to wear a magnetic bracelet or not.

Magnetic bracelets have been around for hundreds of years. Indeed, Cleopatra was said to be a firm believer of magnetic therapy and the wearing of jewellery with magnets.

Whilst probably considered to fall under the umbrella of alternative medicine, there is conflicting data on whether wearing a magnetic bracelet could bring about some health benefits.

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Benefits of Wearing Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Proponents of magnetic therapy say that wearing magnetic bracelets is said to help improve blood circulation, thereby removing toxins from the body and improve blood flow, replacing it with fresh blood.

Magnetic therapy may help to relieve arthritis pain and pain relief in general, including rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain.

The Chinese believed the magnetic field helped produce "Chi" and increase blood flow around the whole system of the body.

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

There are conflicting reports on definitive scientific evidence that prove magnetic jewellery work to relieve pain or provide any health benefits. Indeed some studies have suggested any beneficial effects are the placebo effect.

Having said that, a few studies have suggested they wearing a magnetic bracelet does offer relief from pain and improve circulation.

A study of 300 participants who wore magnetic wrist straps by PubMed.Gov stated that, "to a significant number of subjects, the wearing of the ‘copper bracelet’ appeared to have some therapeutic value”.

The British Medical Journal refers to a randomised, placebo-controlled trial of 194 participants with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. Their conclusion was that, "Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee decreases when wearing magnetic bracelets. It is uncertain whether this response is due to specific or non-specific (placebo) effects".

It is quite hard, during trials, to separate the placebo group as magnets are very easy to detect by those wearing them - the magnetic fields they create are easy to detect.

Blood Flow

It was believed that magnetic therapy treat arthritis by increasing the blood flow and reducing calcium deposits and lactic acid. This will work, in turn, to reduce inflammation and thereby ease pain.

Eases Sleep

It has been said that magnets create melatonin production which works on helping us to sleep at the right times, thereby increase energy levels during the day and helping us wind down at night.

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Do Magnetic Bracelets Help with Pain and other Ailments?

The BMJ study referred to previously went on to mention studies of permanent static magnets have found significant pain reduction. Whilst it's hard to tell if the effect is one of placebo, magnets do appear to be helpful in pain treatment.

Many of our customers come back within a day or two if they are without a magnetic bracelet for some reason and they swear it helps.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the scientific evidence of the BMJ study was funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign - "A spokeswoman for the Arthritis Research Campaign said: "We funded this study because we wanted to establish if there was any evidence for the claims made on behalf of magnetic bracelets, and we didn't want the public to waste their money on devices that didn't work".

As well as the well-known assistance with arthritis pain, and helping reduce inflammation and reduce pain, some people believe that wearing a magnetic bracelet can reduce fatigue and help with sleep quality.

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Can a Magnetic Bracelet be Stylish?

There are some very stylish magnetic bracelets around, including the coloured beaded bracelets with hematite balls - a naturally magnetic material which looks great in jewellery with shapes and flowers of many colours, including mother of pearl.

Men's bracelets can include leather bracelets where you will find magnets placed within the stainless steel clasps.

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Is a Magnetic Bracelet Affordable?

Magnetic bracelets are incredibly affordable and many people are more than willing to give them a try as they can be purchased for under £25.

How They're Thought to Work

The healing properties of magnets are believed to be from assisting with the increased blood flow within the body.

The positive effects of magnetic bracelets may help to reduce joint pain, by reducing inflammation.

Some people have worn one to try to see if they can help other medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Who should not wear magnetic bracelets?

These bracelets are considered generally safe, although those who wear an insulin pump or have pacemakers fitted should avoid them, should they interfere with the set up of the pump or pacemaker.

Pregnant ladies are also advised not to wear magnets.

Magnet Therapy and Athletic Performance

Whilst you probably would never consider a magnetic bracelet a piece of athletic wear, a surprising number of athletes and their trainers have attributed magnetic therapy to reduced recovery time, increase physical function and reduce muscle pain after a body workout.

The Denver Broncos, Roma Football club have both used magnets with beneficial results*.

Where Can I Buy Copper Bracelets/ Magnet Bracelets?

We sell a good selection of magnetic bracelets either with metal or stainless steel links. We also sell leather bracelets for men with magnets within the stainless steel clasps. Pretty metal alloy and hematite bracelets for ladies are very attractive and make a lovely change from the stainless steel linked bracelets.

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To Sum Up

Magnetic bracelets are inexpensive and stylish - even for the most health conscious of us. The potential benefits and healing powers they may contain are definitely worth a try in reducing pain. They can be worn for long periods and even at night.

Obviously it is advisable to talk to your health care provider before you chose to wear a bracelet with magnets.

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*Sweet and Spark - "Exploring the science behind magnetic bracelets and their potential benefits for atheletes".


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