What's a "Mary Berry" Necklace?

What's a "Mary Berry" Necklace?


What Is a Mary Berry Necklace?

Mary Berry made famous a style of necklace featuring a gold chain with barrel-shaped pearls stationed intermittently along the length of the chain. The Mary Berry necklace style is classic, timeless and suits all ages and occasions.The necklace  hangs at just the right length to sit along her neckline.

The pearl necklace became known as a Mary Berry necklace as people who watched, The Great British Bake Off" admired her necklace and wanted one in a similar style. 

The Mary Berry Style Pearl Necklace in Silver £220 

Mary Berry Style Bracelets

You can get a similar style in round pearls. You can choose chains and pearls of varying sizes and lengths. 

Diamonfire Shell Pearl and Silver Bracelet £79

You can, of course, also find 'Mary Berry' style bracelets and even matching drop earrings.

Diamonfire Gold Plated Silver Shell Pearl Bracelet £90

Silver Pearl Station Bracelet £39


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