Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets


Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

Have you ever wondered why this style of bracelet is called a tennis bracelet? It's actually a most surprising story.

In 1978 the famous tennis player, Chris Evert, was wearing her diamond bracelet in the US Open. The catch on the bracelet broke whilst playing and her bracelet fell from her wrist. She stopped play to look for it and later mentioned in an interview that it was her "tennis bracelet". 

Jewellers were subsequently inundated with requests for tennis bracelets and the name stuck!

Chris Evert was known for her style and many people fell in love with this style of bracelet.

Here we showcase a few that we have in stock.

White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

18ct White Gold 2.00 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Carathea

18ct White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

With a full 2 carats of shimmering diamonds this has to be the most elegant, timeless diamond tennis bracelet. In 18ct white gold it has a secure clasp with added safety catch, this is an heirloom piece and will be treasured for a lifetime. 

Silver Zirconia Graduated Tennis Bracelet

Diamonfire silver zirconia graduated tennis bracelet

Silver & Zirconia Graduated Tennis Bracelet

Each of these zirconia stones has been cut with 57-facets, just like a brilliant diamond, and therefore produces unrivalled sparkle. The silver bracelet has, additionally, been triple plated with rhodium, platinum and palladium for lifelong anti-tarnish qualities. 

Zirconia and Pearl Tennis Bracelet

silver zirconia and shell pearl tennis bracelet

Silver Zirconia & Shell Pearl Tennis Bracelet

With alternate zirconia and shell pearl, this tennis bracelet is elegant and eye-catching. This bracelet makes a perfect wedding bracelet. 

White Gold and Blue Topaz Tennis Bracelet

white gold blue topaz tennis bracelet

White Gold & Blue Topaz Tennis Bracelet

With 25 oval-shaped blue topaz gemstones set in 9ct white gold, this exquisite bracelet will look fabulous with any outfit. 

Gold Infinity Link Bracelet

gold infinity link tennis bracelet

Gold Infinity Link Tennis Bracelet

With beautiful infinity style links, this wonderful yellow gold bracelet can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets.

To Sum Up ...

We hope this has given you a little inspiration regarding tennis bracelets. Which one would choose? 


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