Rose Quartz - The Love Stone

Rose Quartz - The Love Stone


Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz crystals are one of the most popular and loved of the quartz crystals. Named the crystal of love, along with the pretty pale pink colour means people buy rose quartz not only for their home but as jewellery, too.

Rose Quartz Crystals

rose quartz tumbled stones

Rose Quartz Tumblestones

Unpolished rose quartz looks equally lovely on display in the home as well as as a shaped, polished stone - whether that be a shaped like a rose quartz crystal heart, egg or the ever-popular tumbled stones.

This beautiful pink crystal makes pretty jewellery, too. As it can be shaped so well wearing rose quartz is a lovely way of carrying it with you.

Rose Quartz Birthstone and Anniversary Stone

As well as being the birthstone for January, rose quartz is also the 5th Wedding anniversary stone.

In crystal healing work, rose quartz is said to hold a gentle energy and placing rose quartz near you is believed to assist with emotional healing by helping transmute negative emotions.

The Quartz Crystal Family

There are many types of mineral quartz - from the deep smoky quartz, to clear quartz but pink quartz, known as rose quartz, is probably the most well known of the quartz family.

Rose Quartz History

This pale pink stone is found abundantly in many places on Earth. Today much of the rose quartz found and sold is from India, Brazil, Madagascar and South America. It is also found abundantly in South Dakota, in the USA. It is easily found due it its natural pale pink colour.

Rose Quartz and Love

rose quartz heart pendant

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

The colour pink has, of course, long been associated with love. From those who love to light pink candles, buy pink diamonds for engagement rings and present pink roses to a loved one. So it's no surprise that this very pale pink stone signified love.

Said to be Rose quartz is the real "love stone", not diamonds, and is hugely popular - both as crystals and as jewellery.

Rose Quartz Meaning

The rose quartz crystals metaphysical properties are believed to be around love and compassion - both romantic love and platonic love. Believed to help the heart chakra many use rose quartz for unconditional love.

Many people wear a rose quartz necklace or carry a tumble stone in a pocket as a way to bring rose quartz healing crystal with them during their daily activities.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

rose quartz thumb stone

Rose Quartz Thumb Stone

Rose quartz healing properties, whilst not scientifically proven of course, are said to open the heart chakra, assist with pure love energy understandably making it a stone for unconditional love - hence being a great "mothering crystal". It is also perfect as a tool for self love. This is a particularly wonderful act of self-care and self love to practice a rose quartz meditation. Called the heart stone due to its reputation for helping with emotional wounds and emotional healing. A rose quartz heart is an ever-popular crystal purchase.

The ancients used it to bring calm, lift anger and promote compassion.

In times past the healing benefits of rose quartz were believed to help with chest and lung problems, heart and circulatory system (although we wouldn't rely on that these days - please consult your health care practitioner).

Rose Quartz Hardness

Rose Quartz scores 7 on the Mohs hardness scale which means its a durable, robust semi-precious stone. This makes it good for jewellery as well as healings crystals and also means that it is perfect for carving and shaping. Many beautiful miniature sculptures are made from rose quartz.

rose quartz crystal pig

Rose Quartz Crystal Pig

Rose Quartz Jewellery

Rose quartz, being quite a hard stone, means it is durable enough to use in any jewellery as well as tumbled stones for crystal healing. Many like to wear rose quartz on a pendant near their heart as a way of helping to open the heart chakra and attract new love.

When used in jewellery it is usually cut and polished as cabouchons rather than faceted as it doesn't offer the clarity that other pink gemstones have, such as morganite.

Cleansing and Charging Rose Quartz

There are numerous ways to cleanse your crystals - see our blog post here on this subject.

Scoring 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, you can charge rose quartz with most of the cleansing methods including, of course, a selenite bowl as it it a hard enough stone to withstand all methods of cleansing.

Rose Quartz Worth

As rose quartz is abundant throughout the world and it occurs naturally in large pieces, it is a relatively inexpensive semi-precious stone.

To Sum Up

Rose quartz benefits of being abundant, relatively inexpensive, hard and therefore easy to shape and work with as well as its believed healing properties means there is a place for rose quartz both in the home and adorning your outfit as jewellery.

The rose quartz stone meaning is as beautiful as its appearance and we never tire of this stone. Every collector of crystals will find rose quartz is one of their first crystals they own.



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