Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite Crystal


Kyanite Crystal 

Everything you wanted to know

Kyanite is a blue-grey crystal, sometimes green and can even be black, is also known as cyanite.  Its chemical composition is aluminosilicate mineral, found in aluminium-rich sedimentary rock under extreme pressure, with the chemical composition of Al2SiO5.

Its name Kyanite comes from the word “kyanos”, meaning ‘dark blue’. The blue is a patchy, blotchy blue. It forms long, columnular crystals.

Kyanite long crystal piece

Kyanite Is Used For …

The colour blue is associated with the throat chakra and is therefore believed to help to express yourself and speak your truth. It is used for public speakers, performers and singers. 

It is thought of as being a grounding stone and is good for meditation and contemplation on our life choices and path. Some people believe that it reveals and removes blocks to negative patterns that repeat in our lives. It promotes calm and enhances our psychic connection and some use it to promote connection to our spirit guides.

The crystal is believed to not hold negative energies and never needs cleansing. 

Many people use kyanite to recall dreams.

It is associated with the Aries, Taurus and Libra. 

Kyanite’s Unique Hardness 

The distinctive property of this crystal is the two different levels of hardness it has, with a hardness of 5.5 longways and a hardness of 7 across the length of the crystal.

It is extremely heat-resistant and strong. It is therefore used extensively in kilns, bathroom porcelain, cutting wheels and even the insulators in spark plugs.

Kyanite Gemstone

kyanite cabouchon crystals


Whilst kyanite is classified as a gemstone, but you will never very rarely see it set in jewellery from a traditional jewellers. Due to its varying hardness at different angles, it is a tricky stone to cut. For this reason, if you do own any jewellery with kyanite it is best to clean it with a jewellery cloth and not a ultrasound machine which would be too harsh. 

You will occasionally find it set in jewellery from a stores that sell crystals and minerals. It can be quite collectible, particularly the rich blue variety. 

Ruby Kyanite

ruby kyanite prism

Sometimes Kyanite can be found with ruby when it is called ruby kyanite.  The mixture of the two minerals is believed to result in the supporting energy of them both - emotional healing of old patterns and confident self expression of the kyanite with an opening of the heart chakra for love and passion in your life. 

To Sum Up ...

All in all, Kyanite is a little-known crystal which is not only beautiful to look at but has unusual levels of hardness and may offer support in grounding and healing old patterns. 



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