Celebrating Our Pets in our Jewellery and Watches

Celebrating Our Pets in our Jewellery and Watches


Pet Jewellery

April 11th was apparently National Pet Day and it made us think of how we love to honour and celebrate our pets by wearing animal and pet-themed jewellery. We have a few brands that make pieces depicting our furry friends and they are always very popular. 

In this post we thought we'd highlight some of those best-sellers.

Paw Prints 

A number of brands over the years have made items with a paw print on them. There is something so cute about a little paw. Clogau Gold make a wonderful set featuring silver, rose gold incorporating their rare Welsh gold and every piece has one of the pads set with a sparkling white topaz gemstone.

Paw print necklace in silver and Welsh gold set with a white topaz - Carathea jewellers

Clogau Paw Print Pendant

Clogau Welsh gold silver paw print stud earrings Carathea jewellers

Clogau Paw Print Earrings

silver and elsh gold expanding bracelet with paw print charm | Carathea

Clogau Paw Print Bracelet

Clogau Paw Print Locket

Joma Jewellery 1094 A Little Paw Print Bracelet Jewellery JOMA JEWELLERY

Clogau Paw Print Bracelet

Bronze Sculptures

The solid bronze sculptures that we've stocked for many years are always popular and make great gifts for men. We have many more pets and other animals in the collection that we stock

Bronze Labrador with Lead Sculpture Gifts Richard Cooper & Co

Bronze Labrador with Lead


The Cats de Dubout

These whimsical and delightful resin figurines are modelled on Albert Dubout's famous drawings. He was a French illustrator and caricaturist and each of this collection of cats sum up the character of cats and their funny ways. 

'Heck the Same Dress'

Radley Watches

Our ever-popular Radley watch collection with the little Radely dog charm always wins peoples hearts.

 Ladies Radley Watch in Cerise Pink with Silicone Strap RY21280 Watches Radley

Radley Watch in Cerise Pink

Radley ladies watch red and gold | Carathea watches

Radley Watch in Raspberry Leather

Memorial Jewellery

For those of us who have lost a beloved pet, and there are plenty of us who remember our dear pet with a wrench of our heart, we have an option of some memorial jewellery pieces. If you have have any of your pets ashes you can fill these piece of jewellery yourself and carry him or her with you at all times. Many people find this wonderfully comforting. We also have an option to order pieces which have the ashes incorporated into coloured resin and set within the piece of jewellery. 

Silver Paw Print Memorial Pet Ashes Pendant (Self-Fill) Memorial EverWith

Paw Print Memorial Pendant

Silver Pet Memorial Heart Locket Jewellery Ian Dunford

Silver Memorial Paw Print Locket


To Sum Up

Not that we need reminding but National Pet Day may encourage us to think about the wonderful benefit our pets bring us - they truly are little angels (even when plastered in mud!) that open even the most closed hearts.

Give your pet a little cuddle from us.🐾 ❤️


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