Gold-Plated SOS Medical ID Bracelet in Brown Leather


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SOS Talisman Cuff-Style Bracelet

This SOS bracelet, with a brown leather strap, is perfect for those who want the peace of mind of knowing you carry your vital medical information with you in case of an emergency, but also want to wear something which looks great. 

These wonderful medical ID jewellery products provide save time for the emergency services trying to ascertain what may help or hinder should you need it. 

Your particular ailment with instructions and medical warnings can be written on the non-soluble paper provided and stored inside the water-tight and heat-resistant capsule with screw-lid in the centre of the bracelet.

This provides vital information about the wearer to the emergency services or strangers who can relay the information to the emergency services, in cases of emergency or need. 

The information you list can be whatever you feel is necessary - allergies, who to notify in an emergency, your blood group, your medication, if you are diabetic, a heart patient, etc. 

We have other styles of SOS talisman products available.

If you take medication it is advisable to choose the stainless steel version, like this one here, of the product you would like as this tends not to react with any medication you may be taking. 

Please remove the bracelet prior to bathing so as to preserve the leather.