Silver 'Lucky 7' Rings Pendant

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7 Rings Representing the Days of the Week

"The simplest charms are often the most evocative. These seven sterling silver rings represent the days of the week and, by extension, every day of your life.  Wear them for luck, touch them often and remember there is meaning in the smallest of things". 
Tales From The Earth

This stunning sterling silver necklace has 7 rings on a silver chain which represent the number of days in a week.  The rings are meant to be touched often as a way to remind us that there is meaning in the smallest of things.

The pendant comes with its own box and meaning card with the above words.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Silver 18 inch (46 cm) Chain
  • Rings approx 8 cm diameter
  • Comes in a satin pouch and with a meaning card

Item No: LUCKY7