LOX Earring Backs Gold Tone


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Secure Earring Backs


A wonderful new, patented invention to ensure you never lose another earring or earring back again.  Invented by a man whose wife lost her earring one day, these completely hypo-allergenic earring backs will fit any earring as they are fully adjustable - so they can be used on all of your earrings. 

Simply slide the earring back onto the post of your earrings and it will stay completely secure.  To remove the earring back you gently squeeze the levers together on the earring back and it will slide off the earring post easily and effortlessly.  

A patented design, these have been tested to withstand 50 years of everyday use. There are two pairs in a pot. 

These are perfect earring backs for children as well as for adults. 

Also available in Silver Tone.

Read our blog on the different types of jewellery backs - as a spoiler alert, LOX came up equal top!

  • Item No: LOX-2GE LOX Gold Tone
  • Materials: Stainless Steel and Plastic