Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewellery Cleaner


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Jewellery Cleaning Dip

For: Oxidised Silver, Fashion Brands including Pandora bracelets and beads and Trollbeads. Watches (Steel, Yellow/Rose Gold & Ceramic)

A wonderful advanced Jewellery Cleaning solution which cleans your jewellery in a fresh solution each time you use it. Safe and effective (please read full manufacturers instructions before use). Cleans watches and dirt residue from Silver.

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill cleaning container with warm water to the 3/4 point.
  2. Squeeze about 10 drops of cleaning solution into the water.
  3. Place jewellery into the dipping scoop.
  4. Submerge into the cleaning container for about 30 seconds. 
  5. Remover scoop and rinse the jewellery.
  6. Use the brush to remove any extra dirt and grime in any crevices.
  7. Dispose of any used cleaning solution and store the scoop, brush and bottle of solution into the vented cleaning container.