Cleaning Fluid Refill for La Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Enough for 30 Treatments

A bottle of cleaning fluid for the fabulous Sonic Jewellery Bath.  This wonderful treatment enables you to give your jewellery a really deep clean in the comfort of your own home.  Ultra Sonic cleaning used to, until recently, only be available at a Jewellers who had an ultra-sonic cleaning tank.  But the fabulous new user-friendly home sonic bath enables you to carry out this treatment at home. 

Ultra Sonic Cleaning baths clean jewellery by agitating the dirt and dissolving it using sonic waves.  This means it reaches into every crevice and offers a really deep clean.  An ultra-sonic cleaner will not remove tarnish from jewellery (try one of our other cleaning products - we cover all aspects of cleaning silver in our blog here). 

The machine initially comes with enough cleaning fluid for one deep clean, and these extra bottles of cleaning fluid contain enough cleaning liquid for 30 treatments.