All Because Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


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Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

'All Because' Fragrance Lamp

Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil

Ashleigh & Burwood

A beautiful mosaic fragrance lamp gift set - this time consisting of a fragrance lamp in a mosaic of gem-like deep purple and electric blue pieces.  A metallic bronze-coloured top completes the effect.  

It comes as part of a gift set with a bottle of Fresh Linen fragrance oil (described below). Both are presented in a black and gold box and make a beautiful gift which will be treasured.

Each fragrance lamp is individually hand-crafted so no two lamps will be exactly alike.

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Product Details
  • Item No: PFL705S
  • Gift Set consists of:  1 x Fragrance Lamp; 1 x Bottle of Lamp Fragrance;   1 x Gift Box; 1 x Wick/Stone assembly; 1 x Snuffer Cap; 1 x Decorative Crown; 1 x Instruction Leaflet; 1 x Pouring Funnel (the last two items are located under the VAC form packaging in the box).
  • Material: Glass Mosaic lamp
  • Colours: Purple and Blue
  • Dimensions: Height 11cm; Depth 8cm (approx)
  • Fragrance: 250ml Fresh Linen
  • Fragrance Type: Fresh
  • The soothing scent of fresh linen is gently blended with amber, bergomot and aqua.
  • Burning Time:  Approx 10 hours.
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