Trollbeads Loyalty Scheme

We run a Trollbeads Loyalty scheme at Jools where by, if you register to be added to the Loyalty Scheme, for each Trollbead bead you purchase at full price you will receive a Jools "stamp" on your Loyalty Card.  When you have eight Stamps on your Loyalty Card you are eligible to receive a free £25 bead* (or £25 towards a more expensive Trollbeads item).

Terms and Conditions Apply: 

-You must be registered with us as a Loyalty Scheme member by leaving your name and email address.

-You will only receive a Stamp for each bead purchased at full price from us (discounted pieces or bundles don't count).

-We cannot add Stamps at a later date.  If you forget your card we suggest your keep your card on file in the shop and ask us to Stamp it each time you come in and purchase a bead which we will do in your presence.  

-Online purchases can also take part - we will start a Loyalty Card for you and stamp it, in store, for each Trollbead purchase you make. We can inform you when your Card is "full" and are entitled to a free bead. 

-By signing up for Trollbeads Loyalty Scheme you agree to be part of our Jools VIP scheme, thereby receiving our newsletter emails detailing special offers, promotions and you will also be entered into our monthly prize draw.  Our VIP scheme is detailed here.