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STORM London Watches

We describe STORM as making iconic, beautiful and collectable watches which are also reasonable.  They are the one watch brand we have stocked continuously since we opened our shop and they continue to do well. 

We have written a full blog post on this much-loved brand on our Blog Site here

Who make Storm Watches?

It surprises most people to hear that STORM are actually a British brand.  Started in 1989, they make highly distinctive fashion-led ladies and men's watches.  


Working in retail fashion in London in the 1980s with his wife Anna Lee, Steve Sun found it hard to find high-quality fashion-led watches which suited his finances and also looked great.  He, therefore, tried designing his own.  And so, the STORM brand was formed


Other Designs

Around 10 years after their launch, Storm introduced jewellery, glasses, wallets and bags to their brand. 


But are Storm watches any good?

These are not cheap designer watches. The watches expertly made and beautiful to the eye.

After nearly 15 years of selling STORM watches, I’m not sure we have ever had to return a STORM watch due to a mechanical breakdown. 

Who is Storm Watches for? 

Storm Ladies and Mens watches are the leading British fashion watch brand on sale today. Many men love the clever and futuristic designs on Storm watches and both men and women love the iconic colours.  


They are highly collectable watches and STORM even have a collectors club.  STORM head office actively encourages customers to join in the fun.  Some early STORM pieces have become iconic, like their Camera watch in 1992.


It is not just the design of the watch they STORM are renowned for, but also the colours.  Their Laser Blue dial has become iconic within the industry and remains one of STORM's best colour combinations. 

Link Removal 

All the bracelets can have links removed.  We charge £6.50 to remove links or will do this for free if you purchased the watch from us.  Postage and packing will be extra if we need to return the watch to you by post. 

We can also order extra links which we can add to increase the length of the bracelet as long as the watch is still available.  


We can offer a replacement battery service for £4.99 (if you need the Water Resistance guaranteed we recommend that you return the watch to STORM service centre for a reseal). We can repair many issues or accidents with your Storm watch. 

From a smashed glass (see our blog post on the subject of a broken watch glasses here), to a broken strap or scratched case.  Prices for STORM watch repairs are here. 

Materials Used in STORM Watches


All STORM watches confirm to the European standards for Nickel-free jewellery.  This means that anyone with a nickel allergy is safe to wear STORM watches. The watches have stainless steel backs. 


Metals used

Stainless Steel is used in many STORM watches as it is stronger and harder than silver, brass or gold. It is a smooth, shiny metal so looks good and is inert so rarely causes reactions.  Gold (IP) plating is 21k gold ion-plated on a base material. There is also Rose Gold IP and Black/Slate IP plating.  Ion Plating gives a very good coverage which won’t wear off, however, a scratch will cause the underlying layer to show through. 


Ceramic is a beautifully smooth and tactile material which is hard wearing.  It is a heat and scratch-resistant material. It looks great, is hypoallergenic and light and is, therefore, a joy to wear. 


Many STORM watches have crystal glass, and some have Sapphire Glass which is very strong and scratch resistant.  Often a STORM watch will have a domed or curved glass.  Many jewellers dislike changing a battery on these watches as they can pose a risk to the glass smashing if the back needs clamping, especially on the models with curved glass over the dial, like the Storm Bubble watch. 


STORM London uses Japanese or Swiss movements.  We can replace the movement if needed.

Water Resistance

You can read our Water Resistance Guide here. 


Please read the information on STORM's guarantee here.