Please take careful note of the full STORM Watch Water Resistancy Guide here.

Watches without water resistant engravings on the caseback, should be protected from water and excessive amounts of moisture, steam and condensation to avoid damage.

We do not recommend water resistant watches to be worn while having a shower or bath. The item also should not be exposed to or left in conditions of high temperatures, condensation or steam that is usually found in environments such as a bathroom.

This is to avoid damage caused by contact with high pressure or temperature which will cause deterioration of the gaskets.

The water resistancy of the watch is not permanent, and will be affected by the deterioration, through time, of the gaskets sealing the glass, casebacks, pushers or crown.

We recommend that your STORM watch is re-sealed and tested for water resistance every year or when the case is opened for servicing to maintain continuous water resistance.

Please ask for this service, if required as this work is not standard. 

Temperature Extreme
Do not expose the watch to direct sunlight or high temperatures. This will cause malfunctioning, discolouration and shorten the life of the power cell. 

Keep your watch clean
The case/bracelet of watches (with stainless steel bands) should be washed periodically in soapy water. The watch and bracelet should then be wiped well with a soft absorbent cloth and left to dry completely.TAKE CARE NOT TO ALLOW THE WATCH TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH WATER IF NON WATER RESISTANT. After swimming, rinse watch in clean water and wipe dry.

Avoid Chemicals And Gases
If any chemical (eg. fuel, thinner, alcohol, spray cosmetics, perfumes, nail polish remover, adhesives or paint) comes into contact with the watch, discolouration, deterioration or other damage may occur.

Leather Straps
Avoid contact with steam or water. Water resistant watches with leather straps are not suitable for swimming. For swimming we recommend a metal or rubber strap be worn.

Ion Plating (IP)
Models with colour finishes such as gold, rose gold and slate, have been applied using the Ion plating process. Note: If the item is scratched, marked or is in constant contact with surfaces, then the top plated layer may be removed causing discoloration and exposing the base metal colour. Should this occur then it would not be covered under the Guarantee.

Tungsten And Ceramic
Products made from Tungsten and Ceramic may be damaged or broken on impact against any hard surfaces. Care must be taken when wearing or handling these items.

Battery Replacement
Do not attempt to replace the battery yourself. This should be done by a qualified watch repairer or by our service department.