Coeur de Lion

German jewellery brand Coeur de Lion were named "Jewellery Brand of the Year 2014" at the UK Watch and Jewellery awards.  They then went on to win the German Design Award Special 2016 plus the German Brand Award 2016. 

Handmade in Germany, Coeur de Lion was started by Carola Eckrodt when she started her company with her husband in 1987, after designing and creating her own jewellery previously.  In their first year they presented their first collection at Munich where Hanns Friedrich, Joan Collins' designer bought the entire collection.  Ten years later Carola created the wonderful GEO CUBE Collection. This is a design classic and has been stocked by many Museum shops.  It remains the best-seller here at Jools - with the ever-changing colours, our customers come back season after season for a new colour.  

We LOVE Coeur de Lion jewellery.  We have stocked Coeur de Lion for a number of years at Carathea and our shop, Jools, and it is now a firm favourite with our customers.  It is a huge hit with men to buy as gifts for their wife or girlfriend - it always goes down very well. 

Coeur de Lion regularly discontinue particular colour-ways so it's a good idea to ensure you buy matching pieces whilst they are available.  We will always try our best to get the missing piece you are after but this is not always possible.  

Care of your Coeur de Lion Jewellery

As with most jewellery, Coeur de Lion pieces with alloyed parts, including the best quality gold plating, are sensitive to perfume, hairspray and all products containing propellant gas. This also applies to the skin's natural protective acidic layer, which varies from woman to woman.  Coeur de Lion recommend removing all jewellery before applying perfume or other cosmetics.  Please also ensure that you remove all items which may come into contact with water, before washing or bathing to avoid possible water damage.  


Corola insists on materials that are versatile, in shape and colour, but must also not show wear and tear so must endure well.  This includes polaris resin, Swarovski crystal, hand-finished two-tone glass, real nappa leather, and synthetically coloured tiger's eye which has been a firm favourite in recent years. 

Nickel-free Materials

Clip-on earrings and earring posts are made of nickel-free rhodium-plated brass.  Ear wires, ball studs and cube studs are made of nickel-free sterling silver.  Also all fasteners, extension chains and eyelets are made of nickel-free stainless steel. 

All Coeur de Lion necklaces use nylon-coated steel wire predominantly, as this has the high durability of steel wire and lies flat on the throat with the nylon thread. 


Coeur de Lion has a statutory warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase*.  For damage caused by improper handling  there is a fixed price for repairs from 1st May 2016.  Please ensure you return the item, with proof of purchase from us, to us at Jools, 14a The Avenue, High Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3BW and we will ensure it is dealt with in the swiftest way. 

In accordance with the warranty conditions, your Coeur de Lion jewellery item will be repaired free of charge.  If this is not possible or feasible, Coeur de Lion will exchange this item of jewellery for another of an equivalent value free of charge.  Shipping costs are also refunded to the amount of a flat rate shipping fee.  

*The warranty shall apply with respect to material defects and defects in workmanship of your Coeur de Lion jewellery.  This warranty does not extend to improper use, careless handling, wear and tear, misuse of the jewellery, accidental damage, or third-party repair.  Please read the special care instructions for your jewellery from Coeur de Lion.  

If the warranty is not applicable, Coeur de Lion may offer you the opportunity to have your item professionally repaired in-house with the following prices - current as of 2020 (these exclude shipping costs):

 Reason  Necklace Earrings Bracelet Ring
Damaged nylon-coated steel wire £14 - £14 -
Damaged Material £18 £10 £18 -
Damaged Material (glued) £18 £14 £18
Rework without ring track - - - £10
Rework with ring track - - - £14