Bering Solar Watches

Just how does a Solar watch work?

Each solar watch has a solar cell under the watch face which converts light (from any source) into electrical energy and holds it in a rechargeable battery.  You won't need to charge this battery yourself though, as it has a power reserve of 6-12 months ...even if kept in complete darkness! 

Are you are tired of changing batteries in your watch?  Or maybe you are fed up with spending good money on a watch but not being able to guarantee the water-resistance once the back has been removed to change the battery without paying for pressure-testing (which proves expensive over the lifetime of the watch).  

Then it may be an idea to think about investing in a solar watch as the investment is not much more, if anything, to a conventional battery-operated watch.

With the Bering minimalist design, mesh straps made from medical-grade stainless steel or calfskin leather and Sapphire Crystal (scratch-resistant) glass, you can't go wrong with Bering Time watches.