Storm London watches bring a storm of innovation to the British watch scene. Storm watches are renowned for being beautifully made, and with incredible and unique coloured glass.

British watchmaker Storm London produces some gorgeous timepieces, each with a unique style and recognisable coloured glass. The coloured glass that Storm watches construct, including their iconic “laser blue” watches, is well known. Since we started, Carathea has carried Storm London watches, a favourite among our clients. Collectors favour a lot of Storm timepieces for their stunning looks as well as their superb construction. We have a selection of various colours, materials, and styles. Many of our clients often purchase Storm London timepieces for those interested in doing something different and who want a watch that is difficult to find elsewhere.

These timepieces can be worn with jeans on a casual outing or a suit for a formal event; they are versatile and wearable for all occasions. Storm London watches are renowned for their iconic coloured glass, but they also create watches with coloured dials and different types of strap combinations. Storm London is a coveted brand and has become a symbol of British style. Carathea has a large selection of watches available for both men and women.

Storm’s watches stand out and are unique, making them very attractive to a watch collector or someone who needs something different to stand out from the crowd. Pick up yours today!