Single Sodalite Tumblestone


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Sodalite Tumblestone

Sodalite is named after is sodium content. Its beautiful blue appearance is not unlike lapis lazuli. Sodalite has a marbled effect and, of course, each tumblestone will be unique. The price is for a single tumblestone.

These tumblestones are all unique and one tumblestone will be selected intuitively for you after we receive your order.

Sodalite is said to unify our sub-conscious and conscious thoughts, helping bring clarity and calm. 

Tumblestones are produced by placing rough crystals into a tumbling machine with coarse grit and turned or "tumbled", for a number of days, to smooth of the edges of the crystals. This process is repeated mulitple times, each time using finer grit, so that the crysals are smooth and polished.  

Tumblestones, available in many crystal types, are very tactile, and easy to carry and hold, either in a hand, pocket so that you can just reach in and hold the crystal when you want to throughout the day or bag or purse. 


From: Brazil 

Approx 30mm long; 12g-20g