The Cats of Dubout 'What's For Dinner' in White


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Les Chats de Dubout  'Qu'est-ce-qu'on mange?'

These delightful and comical cat ornaments capture perfectly the funny side and the character of cats.  'What's For Dinner?' features a cat standing tall with tail held aloft, looking up expectantly and on his best behaviour in order to be fed!  This one is in white but we also have a black cat on sale here.

This piece forms one of many in the very collectable range of Les Chats de Dubout (The Cats of Dubout) - these are collectable artworks by Parastone Museum Collection and are modelled after the drawings of Albert Dubout's, an illustrator and caricature artist, a portrayal of cats in all their many guises.

Product Details
  • DUB75
  • Made from resin with hand-painted colour details.
  • Size*: 11 cm 

*All sizes approximate