Ultrasoft Silver Polishing Cloth


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Jewellery Cleaning Cloth

For: Watches, Silver, Silver Plate, Semi-Precious Stones, Antiqued Sterling Silver, Fashion Brands, Pandora.

Made of thick, gentle and natural cotton with advanced cleaning technology these soft and gentle cloths consist of two layers - one cleans and the other polishes.  Dirt and tarnish are quickly removed with the light, violet inner cloth which has been chemically treated with micro-fine polishers to remove the dirt and shine your jewellery.  An invisible barrier is applied to delay new tarnish from forming.  The darker outer cloth is used to buff to create a high shine.

Please see our full Blog Post on How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery.

This cloth is a great way to clean your silver Pandora bracelet.  Please read our blog on How to Clean Your Pandora Bracelet - showing you a step-by-step process to clean even your Pandora bracelet and charms. 


  1. Remove dirt with the light violet inner cloth. Black marks will appear on the cloth and this is totally normal and due to the polishers being activated and tarnish being transferred to the cloth.
  2. Buff your jewellery with the darker outer cloth

NB: The cloth should never be laundered. It can be reused many times and should only be discarded when you notice the cloth is not cleaning your jewellery anymore.