The Cats of Dubout 'Cats in a Row'

Les Chats des Dubout 'L'alignement' 

The Cats of Dubout

These delightful and comical cat ornaments capture perfectly the funny side and the aloofness of cats.  Cats in a row feature a mother cat sitting with her three kittens next to her - all look as if they are waiting for something to happen, but they are not sure what! 

This piece forms one of many in the very collectable range of Les Chats de Dubout (The Cats of Dubout) - these are collectable artworks by Parastone Museum Collection and are modelled after the drawings of Albert Dubout's, an illustrator and caricature artist, a portrayal of cats in all their many guises.

  • DUB22
  • Made from resin with hand-painted colour details.
  • Size*: 12 cm H; 

*All sizes approximate

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