Men's Festina Automatic Skeleton Watch

Automatic Watches


For Those Who Love Automatic Watches

We are frequently asked if we stock any automatic watches by customers who love the feel and freedom of wearing one.

For those who love their watches, an automatic watch not only looks good but has the added convenience of not needing battery replacements.

We always have some automatic watches in store and make a point of keeping a number in stock to give our customers a nice choice to select from.

Festina men's automatic skeleton watch

Festina Men's Automatic Skeleton Watch

What is an Automatic Watch?

If you want a full description of what an automatic watch is you can read this article here. But, in a nutshell, an automatic watch is a mechanical watch which does not need winding by hand but is powered by the movement of the watch as you move your wrist throughout the day, ie it is self-winding. 

Watches are either powered by a battery (a quartz watch) or mechanical. Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring which store energy to keep the coils and wheels moving in the watch movement. 

Some mechanical watches need to be wound by hand to power/transfer energy to the mainspring, where automatic watches use an oscillating weight to transfer energy to the mainspring.

In other words, just wearing your watch will keep it wound up and working!

Men's Automatic Watch with Blue Dial

The Look of Automatic Watches

Many automatic watches feature a window where you can see the movement working. Its quite a fascinating thing to see - it really makes you appreciate the ingenuity that goes into a mechanical watch.

It is something we are sure you never tire of watching (excuse the pun!).

men's automatic watch  back of men's automatic watch


For Those Who Love Watches

An automatic watch makes a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person who loves watches. They may even own a small collection of watches. 

Automatic watches come in many styles - from a more classical look like the automatic watch below or a sportier version like some of the Festina's we stock. There is something for all tastes. 

Men's classic automatic watch

Watch Winding Boxes

For those who have a collection of automatic watches, or even with just one automatic, you buy Watch Winder Boxes which will keep your watch running whilst you are not wearing it by "turning" the watch, mimicking the movement of your wrist.

Run by battery and/or mains electricity, a Watch Winder consists of a box with a cuff inside to which you strap your watch. Switch the box on and it will gently rotate and turn the watch, ensuring the movement is working, ready for when you next want to wear it. 

single watch winder

To Sum Up

If you are a watch enthusiast or not, an automatic watch watch is a beautiful feat of engineering and something that is a joy to look at and wear. If you haven't already got one, an automatic is a worthy addition to anyones watch collection.

And if you have already got an automatic watch, there's always room for more ... or so my husband tells me! 



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