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Dragonfly Jewellery


Our Favourite Dragonfly Jewellery and its Meaning

The Dragonfly is a much-loved symbol in jewellery design, along with the bee and butterfly. The stunningly beautiful dragonfly never quite stays still long enough for you to really take in its beauty, as much as you want to. These elusive little creatures have captured our attention for hundreds of years across many cultures.

Dragonfly Meaning

According to symbolism the dragonfly signifies maturity of the self and moving past self-limiting constraints. Many cultures believe that the dragonfly welcomes in new changes, happiness and hope.

We've gathered together a collection of some of our favourite dragonfly jewellery, which are always ever-changing of course as items are discontinued and no longer available. 

Uno de 50 Long Dragonfly Necklace

This wonderful necklace is one of their best-sellers. With a hand-finished, tactile look this long necklace is a real winner and loved by all ages.

Uno de 50 Long Dragonfly Necklace

Uno de 50 Long Dragonfly Necklace

Abalone Dragonfly Pendant

The gorgeous abalone, or paua shell, with its mesmerising, elusive colours suits being set into a dragonfly pendant. 

Silver and Abalone Dragonfly pendant

Silver and Abalone Dragonfly Pendant

Silver and Turquoise Enamel Dragonfly Locket

A stunning locket which is sure to draw attention, perfect for holding a keepsake or photograph of someone precious to you. With a turquoise enamel front and raised silver dragonflies, its a striking piece.

Silver and Turquoise Enamel Dragonfly Locket

Silver and Turquoise Enamel Dragonfly Locket

Uno de 50 Take me Fly Bracelet

Slightly expanding for optimal comfort and with a slightly chunky, hand-finished look these bracelets fit beautifully and look great. The charm dangles are a lovely touch. This one with a dragonfly and pink crystal.

Uno de 50 Drag me Fly Bracelet

Uno de 50 Drag Me Fly Bracelet

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