Colourful Watches with blue and gold watch

Colourful Watches for Men


A Selection of Colourful Watches for Men

Men's watches with coloured dials are hugely popular and a larger range of colours seem to appear in even the most classic and conservative looking watches.

Watches in gorgeous colours don't have to be on casual styled watches, but are used on all styles. 

Bering Yellow Watch

Bering Aurora Watch in Yellow

Colourful Watches

Colourful watches for men are a big thing and have been for quite some time. There is something nice about seeing a pop of colour from the sleeve of a watch in even the most conservative dress and it's quite a statement.  

Blue Watches

Sekonda Men's Watch with Blue Dial

Sekonda Men's Watch with Blue Dial


Whilst it always seemed to be blue dials that were the go-to colour after the usual white, black or silver dials, it seems that a full range of colours are becoming available.   

Green Watches

Festina Men's watch with green dial

Festina Men's Solar Watch with Green Dial

Green has been the colour for 2023 and we've seen plenty of men's watches with either green dials or straps or both, come and quickly go again in the shop. 

As you can see, coloured watches are available in all styles, even the more classic-looking watch looks good in a vibrant colour. 

Irridescent Glass

Mens Storm Watches

Storm have always been known for their amazing coloured glass. Their "lazer blue" glass is almost iconic, but they do a whole range of colours including red, green and yellow. All are hugely popular.

Many of their watches have irridescant glass which have an amazing effect as you turn them the glass changes colour in a lovely, subtle way.

What do you think about brightly coloured watches?  


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