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Bering Watches  - Slimline, Minimalist, Excellence

Bering watches was founded by an adventurer and businessman, Rene Kaerskov, in 2008 after a trip to the North Pole where he was bowled over the the beautiful simplicity of the Artic.

He and his two business partners wanted to create a watch brand that exemplified the qualities of the Artic - being long lasting by using the best materials and with a simple elegance and beauty. 

The brand was named Bering after Vitus Bering, the adventurer who founded the Bering Strait in 1728 and the first European to discover Alaska. 

In 2011 Bering watches were introduced in the UK - previously having only been sold in Denmark and Germany. 

Top Notch Materials

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Bering use Sapphire crystal glass in all of their watches. Sapphire crystal is a much higher quality glass than the mineral glass that is used in most other watches. Sapphire crystal is stronger and scratch resistant glass.

This is important in slimline watches, such as Bering. Their watches are ultra slim and therefore so is the glass - you need this thin glass to be strong. 

We sadly have to carry out of a lot of watch glass replacements for customers on other watch brands that have slimline watch designs but use mineral glass in their watches. To date, our repairer has never had to replace a Bering watch glass.  

Stainless Steel

Bering use 316L Stainless Steel which is used in medical technology both for its strength and durability and for its inertness - perfect for those with allergies to other metals.


Lightweight yet extremely strong, titanium is a wonderful metal to use in a watch design. Bering have a number of titanium watches in the collection, included some nice ion-plated coloured watches, veering away from the traditional titanium gunmetal grey colour. 

href="" title="Men's Bering Titanium watch">Men's titanium watch

Men's Titanium Watch

Precious Stones and Minerals

Many of Bering watches are embellished with natural minerals or precious stones, such as mother or pearl, malachite, tiger's eye and sodalite. This means that no two watches will look the same. 


Bering two tone ladies watch with ceramic bezel

Ladies Two Tone Watch with Ceramic Bezel

Bering rose in popularity in the UK massively after introducing a ceramic range of watches. Beautiful to look at, extremely tactile, strong, lightweight and hypoallergenic ceramic is a fantastic material and feels wonderful to wear. From full ceramic designs to ceramic bezels, Bering liked using this material. They don't have any full ceramics in the collection at the moment but a fair few of their watches have ceramic bezels. 


Bering watch design is distinctive and very elegant. 

Slimline Design

Slimline design of Bering watches

Their watches are very slim. Even the automatics they make, which need a much bigger movement, are slim in comparison to other brands. Their slimmest watch is 4.8mm deep. That's slim!

Milanese (Mesh) Bracelet

The mesh bracelet that most of their watches come with (they also have leather and ceramic straps on other designs) are so comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

Back of ladies bering watch

The clasp is a three-way design - hook over the bar, clip the clasp in place and secure by clicking the safety catch down - an absolute doddle once you've done it once or twice. 


Bering Red and Rose Gold ladies watch

Ladies Bering Rose Gold and Red Watch

As well as the white ceramic watches they were famous, and much-loved, for Bering have brought out some fantastic coloured watches - some with coloured dials or coloured mesh straps or both. From the ever-popular blue, to purple, pink and green. 


Bering make a range of movements - quartz (battery), automatics and solar powered.


Bering ladies watch in two-tone design

Ladies Bering Watch in Two-Tone Colours

Bering use Japanese Myota movements in their quartz watches. These are good quality, reliable and used in most good quality quartz watches. But they don't just make quartz (battery) movements.


Bering men's black and blue solar titanium watch

They have a growing range of Solar watches - where the movement is powered by battery which gets its charge from light (it doesn't need to be full sunlight, ordinary daylight or even artificial light is fine) which will charge the battery for 6-12 months before needing recharging again. A solar battery will eventually expire and need replacing but only after roughly 10-15 years. This means fewer battery changes - keeping the watch sealed - and little upkeep. It's also kinder to the planet. 


men's black Bering automatic watch

We have more and more customers asking for automatic watches and Bering have a lovely range of automatics all with their slimline, minimalist design. They use Seiko automatic movements.

Most of their automatics have an "open heart" skeleton window in the dial, so you can see the movement moving as you wear it but all have clear glass back so you can be mesmerised by that fabulous movement ticking away.

With 40 hours power reserve these are fabulous automatic watches. 

To Sum Up

We love Bering watches and have stocked them since their introduction into the UK. Customers also love their Bering watches as they tell us when they return for their battery replacements.

You get a lot of watch for your money with Bering and they come with an 3-year manufacturer's warranty on manufacturing faults. 

They come in a beautiful presentation box and also make a perfect gift. 





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