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Holiday Jewellery


What Jewellery to Pack for your Holiday

Now that we can travel again many of us are thinking of our holidays and one thing we can often take either too much off or too little is our jewellery. 

If we take too much jewellery, not only it is at risk of getting damaged, misplaced or stolen it also runs the risk getting tangled, knotted or damaged.

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It's important to thing about the outfits we plan on taking and taking jewellery to match. Think in colour themes and metal colours (silver or gold, for instance?).

We also want to think about leaving are most precious pieces of jewellery at home, safely locked away whilst the more fun, versatile pieces come out for our hols. 

There are also some great versatile pieces of jewellery that can be reworn and repurposed for multiple outfits and styles.

Mixed metals will, of course, go with either silver or gold accessories.

Chlobo mixed metal bracelet

A necklace that can be worn in multiple ways is a fabulous piece and can become part of your "holiday wardrobe". 

Four in One necklace

Similarly a bracelet what can adapt to become a fabulous anklet is a wonderfully creative piece to pack. 

Angel Chain

A watch with a silicone strap is less prone to damage from being splashed by water - with the added advantage of often coming in nice, summery bright colours. 

Cerise pink silicone strap watch

Toe rings, anklets and layered bracelets are inexpensive and look great layered for the evening. 

Don't forget to pack your jewellery well - ideally in a sturdy, but light-weight travel case which will not only help protect your jewellery but will keep it separate from the other pieces, protecting it from damage or tangling.

The last thing you want to be doing is untangling a clump of knotted chains - particularly after a cocktail or two! 

jewellery travel case stackers jewellery roll


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