Trollbeads Water Bead

Silver Water Troll Bead

Retired 2018

Item no: TAGBE-30020 or 11352

"Greek philosophers associated this angular shape with the element water. With its crisp angles you can almost hear the crunch of ice crystals."

Whether water is fresh or salt, ice, rain or snow, it supports life on our planet. This Water bead represents water beautifully, the fact that is is so adaptable.   Let this bead help you, to remind you to go with the flow, let the river of life carry you along and don't try to swim against the current, it far too exhausting and a great waste of energy.

  • Item no: 11352 orTAGBE-30020
  • Materials: Silver Bead
  • Weight:* 3.9 g
  • Designer: Thor Hoy

*All measurementsare approximate

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