Trollbeads Virgo Silver Bead


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Trollbeads Silver Bead

Analytical Virgo
...Who analyses all she sees:
...Yes, e'en would analyse a sneeze?
...Who hugs and loves her own disease?
...Perfectionist, Virgo.
- Nicholas deVore

The Virgo birth sign is for those whose birthday falls on or between August 23rd to September 22nd. Although they can be hot-tempered at times, they are charming and sociable. Other traits of Virgo are curiousness and intuition. 

The Trollbeads Virgo silver bead features a beautiful lady's face.


  • Item no: 11345/TAGBE-30109
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 3.1 g
  • Designer: Soren Nielsen

*All measurements are approximate