Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

Unoxidised Trollbeads Bracelet

For the first time ever, a shiny Trollbeads bracelet. We have asked, for years, if the Trollbeads team would introduce a polished silver Trollbeads bracelet.  And here it is!  Only available in the UK and only just listed online.  This is a limited edition bracelet so we are not sure how long it will be available.  If you like it we suggest that you grab it whilst you can.

You can read all about the True Radiance bracelet in our blog post here

  • Available in Sizes:
  • 18cm (a 16 cm bracelet with a 2 cm lock);
  • 19 cm (a 17 cm bracelet with a 2 cm lock);
  • 20 cm (a 18 cm bracelet with a 2 cm lock). 
  • Materials: Sterling Silver