Trollbeads Spirit Light Glass Bead


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Trollbeads Glass Bead

Winner of the Peoples Bead 2012

"For many spirituality is connected with the light. Light is the beginning and also the end. Sculptured clear glass accepts and returns all rays of lights. Just as our spirits."

Spirit Light is such a stunning bead,  ice-like and translucent with some wonderful 3D spiral detail creating a crystal-clear bead. When the light hits this bead you will see the rays of light shine through beautifully. When nestled against other, more colourful, beads the effect is very beautiful as the colours seem to shine through the Spirit Light bead.

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  • Item no: 61461/TGLBE-10146
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass
  • Weight:* 1.95 g
  • Designer: Marta Kubesova

*All measurements are approximate