Trollbeads Sparkling Star Bead


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Trollbead Silver Bead

Item no: TAGBE-20020 or 11272

"This twelve-sided polygon is known as ‘the perfect shape' because of its geometric harmony. Its shape is both square and round at the same time, and its ten five-pointed stars perfectly reflect the star-filled night sky as you twirl it around your bracelet."

The perfectly formed Sparkling Star silver Trollbead, with twelve sides which make it both round and square at the same time, with ten-pointed stars, which looks stunning as it moves around on your Trollbead bracelet. Reminiscent of a clear, sparkly night sky, looking up and dreaming, and knowing how small we all are in the larger scheme of things.

  • Item no: 11272/TAGBE-20020
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 3.5 g
  • Designer: Thor Hoy

*All measurements are approximate