Trollbeads Snow Silver Bead


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Silver Trollbead

This bead has now been retired

"Cool as ice, soft as snow. Like a frosty morning when you wake up to the first snow, or snow falling softly to the ground in the light of a lamppost..."

A beautiful round bead, just like a real snowball, the silver Trollbeads Snow bead will remind you of all those magical, snowy days.  Days off from school, silent blankets of glittering, crispy snow, playing with friends or children, building snowmen and snowball fights. The silence of the world when it is covered with the soft, silent blanket after a fresh snowfall. All are beautiful memories which are encapsulated in this lovely Trollbead charm.

  • Item No: 11248/TAGBE-20091
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 2.53 g
  • Designer: Lise Aagard

*All measurements are approximate