Trollbeads Rome Colosseum Silver Bead


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Trollbeads Silver Bead

"Experiencing Rome is as much about breathing the lifestyle as it is about exploring history.  In the giant amphitheatre Colosseum spectators could follow the bloody battles between wild animals, slaves and gladiators."

This Trollbeads Rome Colosseum silver bead is fantastically detailed you can almost feel the history in it!  The Colosseum is still the largest amphitheatre in the world and this bead captures the history, the charm and the panache of Italy.

Part of the limited edition City Beads collection released by Trollbeads on May 2015. Initially, this Troll charm bead was released worldwide but now the only bead available to order in the UK is the London City Bead, the other eight beads in the collection will only be available in the UK while stocks last. This is our last stocks of this bead.

  • Item no: 11394/TAGBE-30071
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:*  2.78 g
  • Designer: Kristian Krysfeldt

*All measurements are approximate