Trollbeads Neverending Bead

Trollbead Silver Bead

TAGBE-10038 or 11189

"Keep searching for possibilities."

A beautifully designed silver bead, Trollbeads Neverending is very tactile and sculpture-like. The name is perfect and can mean so many things. To us it can signify never-ending, undying love for another. But it can also encourage us to never give up on our dreams, keep trying. Those who have made great impact on the world often were defeated many times before they succeeded. A great troll bead to have.

  • Never ending love
  • Never give up
  • Keep dreaming
  • Keep trying
  • Item no: 11189 or TAGBE-10038
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 1.35 g
  • Designer: Kim Buck

*All measurements are approximate


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