Trollbeads Lions silver Bead


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Trollbead Silver Bead

TAGBE-20083 or 11217

"The lion and the lioness, majestic and strong. It is no wonder that these proud beasts are the rulers of the animal kingdom, and that they symbolise nobility and courage. Some of that courage has been cast into this silver bead."

This bead features a lion on one side of the bead and a lioness on the other side. 

This Trollbeads Lion bead is often bought for those whose zodiac sign is Leo, but it is also loved by those who love the qualities and the beauty of the King of the Jungle and what they represent - strength, loyalty, nobility, courage, fierceness, and power under pressure, a symbol of authority and command. Yet the lion also symbolises wisdom - he or she never wastes his energy unnecessarily. 

  • Item No: 11217 or TAGBE-20083
  • Materials:  Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 3.3g
  • Designer: Trine Tanja Falsled

*All measurements are approximate