Trollbeads Jewel of the Sea Pendant


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Trollbead Silver Fantasy Pendant

TAGPE-00020 or 12918

"The wise fish knows the answers to everything. Listen to the waves for the answers."

A wonderful pendant attachment for the Fantasy Pendant. The Trollbeads Jewel of the Sea is beautiful. It is a polished silver fish with silver tiny balls overlaid onto a more oxidised background on the side and tail of the fish, with a separation in the fish's belly where you can add the Trollbead (or a few) of your choice.

The pendant is very tactile and a lovely shape. It looks fantastic on a fantasy troll bead necklace chain with your chosen beads in its middle.

  • Item No: 12918 or TAGPE-00020
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 5.43g
  • Designer: Soren Neilsen

*All measurements are approximate