Trollbeads Bracelet Helper


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Handmade Wooden Bracelet Helper 


Helps you to fasten your bracelet

Do you ever get frustrated in trying to fasten your Trollbeads bracelet yourself?  Do you always have to ask for someone's help to do the clasp up?  Well, prepare to be amazed at this nifty little helper!  The handmade wooden Trollbeads Helper is an ingenious little device which will have to fastening your bracelet on your own with ease.  

To use the Trollbead Helper slide the end of your Trollbeads bracelet with the large jump ring (not the end with the catch on) through the slit of the wooden Helper (you need to open the two sides of the helper a little to do this).  Lay the bracelet over the top of your wrist so that it falls over wrist at the back of your hand, whilst holding the Helper in your palm, curve facing away from the palm of your hand. Bring the Trollbeads lock to meet the other end of the bracelet held in the Helper.  

NB In a very full bracelet (like mine!) I found holding the bracelet with the Helper between the first and second beads on the jump-ring end of my bracelet worked much better.