Trollbeads Blue Desert Glass Bead


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Trollbead Glass Bead

TGLBE-10252 or 61383
"The desert at dusk. The moon appears to be reflected in the myriad sandy crystals."

The Trollbeads Blue Desert glass bead is just stunning, blue with lovely speckles of gold glitter going through. We love the fact that each bead is slightly different with hues of pinks and purples coming through.

Every glass troll bead will be unique as each Trollbead glass bead is hand made from red-hot glass.  Trollbeads celebrate the individuality this gives each bead.

  • Item no: 61383 or TGLBE-10252
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass
  • Weight:* 1.95 g
  • Designer: Lise Aagaard

*All measurements are approximate