Trollbeads Bead Stringer


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Thread beads on your Trollbeads Bracelet with ease

With Wooden Box

You can now thread your Trollbeads onto your Trollbead bracelet quickly and easily with the new Trollbeads Bead Stringer.  Made of steel with a magnifying glass at one end so that you can see the beautiful, intricate details of your Trollbeads which they are so famous for. The Bead Stringer also comes in a lovely wooden box and a protective plastic guard to cover the hooked end. 

How to Use:  Thread your Trollbeads, in the desired order, onto the Trollbeads Bead Stringer, insert the hook through the small end of your Trollbeads bracelet and gently pull the bracelet through the beads. Voila! The Bead Stringer can also be used on your Trollbeads necklace.

  • Item No: TNOBX-00014
  • Materials: Steel
  • Length*: 26 cm 
  • Weight*: 202.6g