Trollbeads Aquarius Silver Bead


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Trollbead Silver Bead

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

Deliberate Aquarius
...Who gives to all a helping hand,
...But bows his head to no command -
...And higher laws doth understand?
…Inventor, Genius, Superman - Aquarius.
- Nicholas deVore

The Aquarius birth sign is for those celebrating their birthday's between January 20th to February 18th. Aquarian's are intelligent, honest, loyal and artistic. Whilst they can be unreliable sometimes, they do mean well.T

This Trollbeads Aquarius silver bead will remind you that you are who you are and allow yourself to show your true colours and be yourself. It depicts a figure with a water carrier. A perfect troll bead gift.

  • January 20th - February 18th
  • Item no: 11350 or TAGBE-30110
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:*3.19 g
  • Designer: Soren Nielsen

*All measurements are approximate