Sphere of Life 21 Pendant

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21st Birthday Necklace

From the Sphere of Life Cute Range
With "21- Go Girl" inscribed gift tag
Wonderful gift packaging

Looking for ideas for a 21st birthday present? Look no further!  This is perfect for a young lady's 21 birthday gift. A pendant in the much-loved Sphere of Life Cute collection,  this necklace consists of an open work silver sphere with a gold plated '21' motif. 

It makes a beautiful and contemporary gift for a 21-year-old's birthday.

Sphere of Life is a perfect gift purchase as it comes with such amazing packaging, including an organza bag, a silver sphere in which the pendant sits, a box with ribbon and a gift tag on which the pendants meaning has been inscribed.

Everything has been thought of, the difficult part is choosing which sphere as there are pendants for any occasion including  Sphere of Life birthstone pendants, astrology pendants, 18 and other birthday pendants. There are spheres to celebrate our pets, journeys, anniversary, family ties, etc - you really are spoilt for choice in this range if you are looking for a meaningful gift.

Item No: 66171

Materials: Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold plated on Silver.

Dimensions*: Sphere width approx 10.5 mm; 16-18" silver chain

*All measurements are approximate