Silver Wishbone Necklace with Topaz Jools Jewellery

Silver Wishbone Necklace with Topaz by Muru

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Wishbone Talisman Pendant

  • Wishbone - A talisman for Wishes

A wishbone is a symbol of wishes granted as well as luck and good fortune.

A stunning sterling silver wishbone necklace set with sparkling topaz stone by jewellery brand Muru, the jewellery talisman brand that is much loved by celebrities. The wishbone symbolises your wish or desire. An unbroken wishbone is known to mean that your wish will be fulfilled in the near future.

Beautifully smooth and tactile, this pendant comes with gift packaging and a card inscribed with the meaning. 

  • Materials: Sterling Silver; Topaz semi-precious stones.
  • Dimensions*: Height*: 20 mm. Width: 12 mm
  • Chain length: 46 cm