Trollbeads Sandstone Bead

Italian Glass Trollbead

"Coming from the ground, sandstone has been used as building material from ancient times to present day. Many temples and cathedrals are built of sandstone."
Item no: TGLBE-10156

This Trollbeads Sandstone glass bead is simply stunning. Beautiful natural colours just like the many temples and cathedrals that have been built out of this gorgeous stone.

Each bead will be unique as each Trollbead glass bead is hand made from red-hot glass they celebrate the individuality this gives each bead. This is part of the beauty that sets Trollbeads apart - the uniqueness of the beautiful their Italian glass beads.

  • Item no: TGLBE-10156 or 61468 
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass
  • Weight:* 1.95 g
  • Designer: Scott Bouwens

*All measurements are approximate