Trollbeads Rolling Waves Silver

Trollbead Silver Bead

Retired 2018

"Water is a mighty force of nature and that which allows life on our planet. Rolling Waves is the 2011 People's Bead Winner."

Item no: TAGBE-50011 or 11524 

This lovely Troll bead is 2011's People's Bead winner, designed by Denise Tong. Water is such big part of our planet, it allows there to be life on Earth and makes up a large part of our body too. Is there anything more wonderful and hypnotic than watching the waves gently roll onto a beach?  

  • Item no: 11524/TAGBE-50011
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Weight:* 4.2 g
  • Designer: Denise Tong

*All measurements are approximate

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