Trollbeads Purple Rippling Bubbles Bead


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Trollbeads Italian Glass Bead

Item no: 61482/TGLBE-10170

"With a profound depth, it lures one in and keeps one close with the charm of its inner secrets among light bubbles that ripple elusively over elegant ivory."

Beautiful white bead with lovely specks of colour from blues to purples to browns. The little bubbles in the glass adds that extra something special. This Purple Rippling Bubbles bead is just stunning. 

Each bead will be unique as each Trollbead glass bead is hand made from red-hot glass they celebrate the individuality this gives each bead.

Item no: 61482/TGLBE-10170Materials: Sterling Silver, Italian Glass

Weight:* 1.95 g

Designer: Lise Aagaard

*All measurements are approximate